Funny image: Never Give Up. Happy 2024

Nice image with a black cat clinging to a slippery wall, with its claws well planted so as not to fall down. The text "Never give up!". We can find ourselves in really difficult situations, the important thing is never to give up, a solution, an unexpected intervention and why not, a miracle, can change things positively. If you find yourself in this situation we wish you this, that your unwavering hope may be adequately rewarded. HAPPY 2024!

Funny image: Never Give Up. Happy 2024


Happy New Year to friends

I know, it's hard to write Christmas wishes to friends and that's because you want them to have more than just 'Happy New Year, I wish you health and happiness'… in which there is nothing wrong - it's just perfect , but it's standard enough to look like nothing. . That's why we'll see festive and friendly messages for New Year's Eve, some more formal and some completely informal!

Happy holidays to your friend
For your friend, the one who has always been by your side, even if you didn't talk every day, it's worth saying a couple of nice words on New Year's Eve...
• My good and beloved friend, on New Year's Day, I wish you serenity. Let the house be filled with love and smiles. May the Lord bless you all.
• Best wishes for the new year! I wish you only honest relationships with loved ones (not like with me) and everything that you dream of will certainly come true! Happy 2024 my friend!
• On this last day of the year, a fairy tale comes to life. People promise good deeds and take better care of each other. My friend, I wish you keep your kindness and smile forever!
• With all my heart, I wish you a Happy New Year! I wish that we see only good in the world around us, find good, believe and not forget about simple human happiness. Always be healthy and happy.
• Happy 2024! I wish you hope for the best and faith in the miracle you are waiting for. Make a wish and it will surely come true.
• My beloved friend, the New Year holidays light up everything around and warm people's hearts! I wish you love in your heart, a bright star that always lights your way, and your faith in God is strengthened day by day! A very happy 2024!!
• From an early age I wanted to have a good friend in life. Little did I know that one day my wish would come true. Happy New Year my friend!
• Your friendship was last year's best gift I've ever received. I want it to last into the new year and forever! Best wishes for a wonderful 2024!
• My sweet and beloved friend, I wish all your dreams come true and we spend many more New Years together. Fear nothing, you can achieve anything! Happy 2024!