The beautiful motivational images in real New Year's version

There are many images that show the passage from the old year in a beautiful and perfect setting, with many beautiful motivational phrases to push you to success and to overcome difficulties. Here is a more realistic picture of the jump into the new year in a quite traumatic way. Little motivating momentum, low energy or bad distance calculation, and here in 2024 we end up hitting heavily in reality, with some injuries already reported at the first impact! We just want to play down and have a laugh, we wish everyone a perfect jump with the correct energy and distance calibration. Have a good year!!

The beautiful motivational images in real New Year's version


Texts for New Year 2024, messages for your New Year's greetings

During the New Year's Eve celebrations, one of the coolest details is congratulating that friend or acquaintance for this upcoming 2024. While you can do it in an original way, you can try one of the following beautiful ready-made New Year's Eve ideas .

• 2024 is around the corner, keep in mind that you only live once, life is short, the rules are for monotony and fun is for life, only good memories matter. Happy New Year to you!
• This new year my wish is for you for days without problems, keep in mind that joy is free, love unconditionally you will have many beautiful things in return. Happy New Year
• We make our good resolutions, New Year's promises to be a good husband or wife and help those in need, become rich at heart and hoard treasures in heaven.
• The New Year's sun gives you strength and vitality while the New Year's moon gives you peace and tranquility! Best wishes for a good 2024!
• The hope that each day is well lived in the new year serves as a precious treasure for a better tomorrow. Enjoy the new year. Happy 2024.
• In previous years, I have bothered and angered you to death. Today, at the start of the new year, I want to assure you that I will continue to do so this year as well. I love you and good luck in this 2024!
• Even though it is a new year and things may change, I hope to continue our partnership and maintain our relationships effectively for many more years to come. I wish you a wonderful 2024!
• Years come and go, but this year I especially wish you double the dose of health and happiness spiced with lots of love. Fabulous New Year!
• Knock Knock! I am the new year and I am here with love, happiness, blessings and good luck for you. Let me in, open your arms to welcome me. Happy 2024.
• Years may come and go, but our friendship will last a lifetime and we will never see enemies. Therefore, before the sun sets, I wish you a Happy and Fabulous New Year.
• As we log out of the previous year and log in this year, I send you a heartfelt wish full of love, luck, happiness and cheer. A fantastic New Year awaits us!
I hope all your troubles and pains only last as long as your New Year's resolutions. Happy New Year 2024!