2024 image with funny text

Image with funny text for the end of the year: New Year's Eve is beautiful ... but they do it in the evening, too late.

Image with funny text for the end of the year

Image with funny New Year text


Funny New Year greetings for friends

Because there will always be that friend who gets bored with the classic words and New Year's greetings in his own way. And now let's get away from the decor here are some fun Christmas wishes for friends, as much as ... a lot!

• Happy New Year! Hope the new year pounds disappear in the new year.
• Happy New Year My Love! With the new year I wish you to have these very simple things that each of us should have in life, namely drinks, travel, women and lots of money! Well, now if that happens, get a degree too!
• Complete and absolute friends and friends of friends, I wish them big smiles, big hugs, big gifts - but not big credit bills this 2024. • Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. At this time of year, many people worry about not eating too many calories. As such, I gladly accept any unwanted dessert ... Just an update.
• I wish that next year we could spend it together in a nice place, preferably with our beautiful boys and not each in the company of his father with his parents.
• They say the best gifts come from the heart ... but cash and gift cards work wonders too! Happy holidays and happy 2024!
• It really is the best season, until you add it all up and the credit bill arrives.
• The new year can certainly work miracles, small but good. Sometimes I really wish he could make unwashed dishes disappear from the sink. Thank you. Happy 2024!
• Happy New Year! I hope you stock up on plenty of coffee to get through the holiday routine ...