Vignette 2024. The fateful question: And you doing at New Year’s Eve?

The fateful question of the last week of December. Humorous cartoon with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden in the fateful moment of sin and the expulsion of man from the earthly paradise here is the fateful question: And you, what are you doing on New Year’s Eve? When the last days of the year you meet with friends and family and obligation, it is impossible not to receive or ask this question, how, where and with whom you will spend the last day of the year? By the way, how did you arrange for December 31, 2023?

Image with funny cartoon The fateful question: And what do you do on New Year’s Eve?


Examples for writing 2024 greetings to send to friends and family

The New Year is a good time to remind this special person how much you love them, through thoughts, gifts or love letters. But if you want to impress that person for a while, you can write him or send one of the Happy New Year Phrases Examples below.

• We hope the New Year brings you the best moments that you will remember for a lifetime! May your every moment be full of health, love, smile and strength and that every goal you have set for yourself can be achieved! Lots of kisses and happy 2024!
• On New Year's Eve, I wish you a thousand wishes and I hope you are happy this time • For the next year, I will make a wish from my heart! May fate spread joys to walk on! Happy 2024!
• May the caravan of joy come to your home, When the old time changes with the new.
• I wish for this year only the joys that you live so many that you can also give to others. Happy New Year!
• In the days of New Year I send a thousand wishes to the friends I love and on whom I count.
• 2024 that today you send the first ray to earth, every day a celebration, every minute your hope.
• New year and new joys, I wish a thousand wishes to the people I love and on whom I count.
• For the next year I wish for joy I will make sure that destiny scatters joys to walk on. Happy 2024!
• Whatever in the world you desire and create with your mind, may the year bring it to your door.
• Christmas is over and the new year is coming again, and I keep wishing you all the best!
• God, fulfill the wishes of the whole world and change everyone's life for the better. Best wishes for a perfect new year.
• Now that the year has changed and people are making wishes, I hope that every dream will come true. Happy 2024.
• Life is a floating garden of joys to be planted in the new year for acquaintances and friends to eat them. Happy New Year!
• The new year that came to give you as much as the old one did not have time to leave you. Happy New Year!
• Great joys in life, this time to be lived, so many to give to others as well.
• I wish you not only to smile but great laughter, not only happiness but pure joy, not only health but great energy and not only silence but peace of God. Happy New Year 2024!
• I wish you the thousand joys that the new year brings, so that you will not find reasons to feel pain. Happy 2024!
• This new year could be a step forward in you for its new adventures, exploring new avenues and achieving new successes! Happy New Year!